geodie is an Iranian brand, who’s handbags are made to live with the consumers and experience the daily life that they live.

One of the brand’s core making essentials is to maintain its high quality throughout and that is only possible when all the pieces are made by hand uniting to create one. Although fingerprint of Iranian culture is not visibly apparent on the outward of geodie, it has been present during the designing & production during which local professionals who’ve dedicated their whole professional life to the industry gave souls to every piece of the collection; creating a campaign full of elements born from Iranian culture.

In each collection, audiences of Geodie are seeing handbags that divert them from their usual habits and life stereotypes, towards new and different directions. In the world of Geodie, it is not just the apparent element that matters; in each handbag conditions are created to impress more senses such as hearing and tactility. This has caused people to develop a strong connection with Geodie and have a completely unique experience while using it.